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Demo- Predictive Dialing

C-Zentrix’s Predictive dialer is truly adaptive in nature and evolves its dialing pattern over a shift based on the quality of lead list, the gateway connectivity pattern, Average Handling Time (AHT) for the agents and the abandon call percentage as prescribed list by the FCC norms. The dialer makes sure that even on worst quality lead list your agents are able to get a decent connects and that the leads are churned as quickly as possible. The C-Zentrix predictive dialer is one of the most adaptive as well as the easiest to use with very simple configuration steps and very intuitive

Admin UI Demo

Admin UI is the driving force behind the agent UI, all the controls of agent’s UI, the reports, real time dashboard, agents & campaign creation, design of basic CRM, PRI & server monitoring takes place from this UI

Agent UI Demo

CZ has different logins for agent & admin, agent user interface controls all the activities of agents, dialing in, basic CRM, breaks dispositions, and all other call related activities.


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